Using Culture to Drive Performance Through Values

Why Values?  Because “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”

No matter how brilliant your vision and strategy, neither will be realized if not supported by the organization’s culture.

It is your culture that drives your performance.

It is the culture that unleashes the potential of your employees and engages their hearts and minds.

And the culture of an organization is defined by the values. Values are the principles that motivate us in making decisions when we are aligned with our true selves. So they show up in the everyday interactions between employees and customers and suppliers.

Being clear about and then true to your organizational values inspires employee engagement. And engaged teams are more productive, profitable, and customer focused, have higher retention rates & lower numbers of safety incidents and less absenteeism.

And talk about a competitive advantage : organizations with highly engaged employees have 4x the earnings per share growth rate compared to organizations with low engagement in the same industry.

So building the culture is critical to actually attaining any of your goals.

It is about being clear and consistent about your company values – from the leadership down.

Then you can attract employees with shared values and create a high-trust/low-fear culture that inspires them to bring their full selves to work for the sake of building something bigger together.

The good news is that this isn’t some fluffy theory but is backed up by solid research in some of our most beloved brands.

If you want to better understand, please take a few minutes to read this slidedeck put together by the thought-leaders of this work, the Barrett Centre for Values.

Better yet, check out 1-degree



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