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We know there is no safe way to be great. So if we want to create meaningful results and enhance the collective capacity around us to do the same – that demands we get uncomfortable. Stasis doesn’t help us grow, yet leaving the status quo can feel intensely uncomfortable and risky. 

We need to be supported in that quest for sustainable success. I am passionate about helping leaders in that conscious calibration. Both on a personal level and an organizational level.

A healthy, intentional workplace culture is the lynchpin to high performance. And the leaders have to be modelling those desired behaviours and doing their own ongoing personal development to ensure their impact aligns with their intentions.

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Development Programs for Emerging Leaders

A customized learning experience for a group of high potential leaders that spans 6 months to one year; the objective is to increase their capacity to take on more responsibility as they grow in their career but to do it in a smart, sustainable way.

Team Coaching

Facilitated growth for an intact leadership team to strengthen the way they communicate and get work done together. This may include real time team coaching as well as skills development. It’s amazing how so many leaders were thrown in the deep end and not taught skills like delegation or true coaching.

One on One Leadership Coaching

This one on one process with senior leaders can span 2-4 months. Ideally, we invite feedback from your peers and reports to better understand how your people are currently experiencing you – at your best – as well as under stress. Then together we get curious about how that compares to your opinion of how you are showing up and most importantly, what the narrative is behind the scenes running the show when you are under stress. We then upgrade the narrative based on how you want to show up now then create a development plan that is laser focused on the key behaviours you want to change – both strengths to further leverage and blind spots to mitigate. A plan that you are then accountable to with your peers as you are ideally doing similar personal growth work shoulder to shoulder.

If a 360 process isn’t possible, then we work the the Enneagram self-assessment that helps reflect back reactive patterns we go to under stress when our ego is trying to protect us.

We have partnered with Suchitra for many years and the graduates of her program deem it to be one of the most vulnerable guideposts of their personal development.”


– Erika Van Noort | Vice President | Candidate and Employee Experience
Innovation Executive Forum Chair | Softchoice

It’s a profoundly simple yet complex process as we all need to tune out the noise in order to get better connected to our truth. Then from that place we can better maintain the creative tension between our current reality and what we passionately want to create, that new future reality.

For instance, if I don’t know what fears run me and my reactions under stress, how can I show up fully and have the meaningful impact I want to have? Our fears when unconsciously allowed to run the show can actually get in the way of co-creating the difference we yearn to make.

I am committed to helping you cut through that noise – some of it external, some of it internal – so you can lead on purpose. In other words help you shift from reacting to responding in a way that is honouring of your values, beliefs and strengths so that you maximize your desired impact – at work and home.

case study

one of North America’s fastest growing IT Solutions and Managed Service Providers


Faced with tremendous growth and fast-paced business, the Client understood the need to challenge and grow the leadership skills of their high potential leaders. The test was to find a way to do so that would inspire, strengthen, and grow their leadership skills so each employee could rise to their full potential, professionally and personally.


Morpheus, a custom-designed program created by Suchitra Davies-Webb, provides a year-long strengths-based development program that enables these senior leaders to become stronger versions of themselves and more effective in all they do. Each year, twenty of the company’s high performers are selected to work with Suchitra directly to help them better understand their impact, both when at their best and under stress, along with the values, beliefs, and innate strengths that are guiding them. This sets the foundation to then create smart strategies that ensure sustainable success for the individual and for the team.


Fast forward eighteen years, and the Morpheus program continues to be central to the client’s company culture and growth. The organization continues to thrive as a whole and the winners of the client’s annual and highly anticipated awards are often highlighted with Morpheus graduates. 2021 marked the 16th consecutive year that organization has been awarded the Best Workplace status by the Great Place to Work® Institute. The Morpheus program’s NPS score is consistently world-class with the company’s participants reporting they feel more engaged, connected, more resilient, and agile in the face of constant change. That trend continues to this day.

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