If you are curious about creating more engaged and empowered teams, here are some of my favorites:

Brave New Work

A practical read full of tips and practices you can use right away is Brave New Work. You can purchase the book via Amazon.

Reinventing Organizations

A series of inspiring case studies is Reinventing Organizations (there is an illustrated version that was crowdfunded that my name got to be part of 😊). You can purchase the book via Amazon.

Dare to Lead

Compelling research about how hungry we are for courageous cultures at work and very practical thoughtful ways to start those practices on your team in Dare to Lead. You can purchase the ebook here.

The Enneagram Guide to Waking Up

THE best practical guide there is to getting unstuck from your particular personality style and egoic patterns as informed by the Enneagram. You can purchase the book here.

“Suchitra is simply the best personal development coach I have ever encountered. She has a strong empathy radar, which means she knows exactly how to gauge and manage the emotions of the group. She draws everyone in to an open-hearted discussion, and is always able to unlock our collective intelligence.


– Edwin Jansen | Head of Corporate Development
Ian Martin Group