Jenn O’Neil

National Sales Manager
Talent Solutions
SMB & MidMarket at LinkedIn

I was lucky enough to be a participant for a high potential program which Suchitra created and facilitated. It was an unbelievable experience for me as I got to really understand what I was naturally good at and how to get even better at those things, as well as understand how others perceived me and the impact I had on them.  This program helped me build my leadership skills, made me aware of my blind spots and encouraged me to get ongoing feedback. It brought out my passion for learning and developing myself so that I can be the best possible version of me. Suchitra is an incredible facilitator and is so passionate about the work that she does. The program she created is still running strong after 15 years and continues to be the most sought after development program at the company. Throughout my tenure, I was promoted multiple times and received the top leadership award which I credit this program for giving me the skills and resources to really be successful in my career.”

Edwin Jansen

Head of Corporate Development
Ian Martin Group

“Suchitra is simply the best personal development coach I have ever encountered. Her knack for making people feel comfortable and getting them to open up combined with really insightful questions and confidence-inspiring observations means that she gets real results with people – FAST. On top of those expert personal coaching skills, Suchitra is also an excellent facilitator. She has a strong empathy radar, which means she knows exactly how to gauge and manage the emotions of the group. She draws everyone in to an open-hearted discussion, and is always able to unlock our collective intelligence.”

Jason van Ravenswaay

Head of Global Sales Operations

“I first met Suchitra early in my career through a leadership development program she facilitates at Softchoice. Since then I have had the pleasure of working with her many times – and most recently with a team development program she helped us build out. Suchitra’s ability to translate business needs and goals into a functioning people development program is astounding – with her help we brought in a program called Personality Dimensions. She helped customize the delivery to focus on our priorities of team development and synergy. The program has been a huge success and now has been offered to a number of groups within the organization. Since investing in this training the teams have become more aware and accepting of different personalities and value their place in a team environment. Suchitra also developed a leadership version of this program to help people managers’ leverage the tools to coach, develop and resolve conflicts. Personality Dimensions has become a common language and coaching tool and continues to live on in our day to day. Suchitra’s delivery and energy have yet to be matched by any development program I have participated in and feedback from her program participants is overwhelmingly positive.”

Erika Van Noort

Vice President
Candidate and Employee Experience
Innovation Executive Forum Chair | Softchoice

I have had the pleasure of working with Suchitra from a Programs perspective as well as personally. She has an uncanny way of surfacing how people’s strengths can amplify, or at times degrade the very essence of who they are and what they are trying to accomplish. Organizationally, we have been partnered with Suchitra for many years and the graduates of her program deem it to be one of the most vulnerable guideposts of their personal development. Personally, I have been engaged with Suchitra on my own growth and development. Tools she leverages such as Integrative Enneagram Solutions, have quite frankly provided me words and context that stopped me dead in my tracks. The delayering process she then proceeds with, opens you up to your true self, and what more you can bring to what you already love to do.  Her work is simply “gorgeous”!”

Mark Kartusch

Executive Director
Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto

The coaching relationship that I have established with Suchitra has been a tremendous help for my ongoing leadership development. Suchitra has an engaging and supportive style that helps me reflect more deeply on my style and what’s underneath to help me understand what’s working and what isn’t, all to help drive my actions in a better way.  This has helped me understand some of the organizational barriers and difficulties but also the things I bring that both help and limit my effectiveness.  I am able to think out loud and her broad skills and experience means she “gets it” quickly which together means that it helps me think through tough problems in an effective way. Another thing I have noticed through working with Suchitra is that I often think about our conversations to help me deal with new situations back at the office- thinking about how we would work through this if we were together which to me it means that our coaching conversations are always highly transferable beyond our sessions.  I also know how effective this has been for me, given that I always look forward to our coaching and as we set our agenda setting ahead of our meeting, it is usually accompanied by a ‘I can’t wait to talk to you about this’ anticipation.

Luz (LOOTH) Iglesias

Director of Recruitment
Ian Martin Group

I’ve worked with Suchitra to identify my limiting and empowering beliefs and at times when I needed a leadership tune up. She’s empathetic and intuitive and gets to important issues and ideas quickly. Her coaching is practical and has made a transformational difference in my personal and professional life. I’ve recommended her to other leaders in our company and their experiences have been equally positive, their growth evident. I’d recommend Suchitra as a coach without reservation…absolutely worth it for yourself and your company.

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