Understanding Personality Styles as a lever for High Performance

In studies of high performance teams, it has been shown over and over that out of all the strengths required on a team for maximum productivity and positivity, camaraderie is the single most effective lever : The degree to which people know and like each other.

And unless your team is entrenched in conflict, this magical ingredient of camaraderie can be enhanced with the simple addition of some deeper conversations. Time-out for real conversations where people are learning about each other. Learning about their different perspectives, strengths, weaknesses and stressors. In a safe and yet authentic way.

These are typically the kinds of conversations that tend to get stepped over in the business of the day to day. Yet it amazes me each and every time what deeper trust and respect this new understanding brings to the team. And its so easy to make happen when you work with me.

After having tried many different structures for creating this kind of meaningful team experience, I now only use Personality Dimensions,  a powerful personality assessment tool that gives the individual lots of insight while helping the team become more effective and productive. I have designed & delivered highly interactive workshops using this tool to literally hundreds of business people in Canada, the US and Central America. The group size can range from 30 to 300 people and the experience is always guaranteed to have a profound and positive impact on your team.

Here is a sample of the customized report each participant gets. And below are a couple of direct quotes from clients.

The Impact of Personality Dimensions:

 “The workshop we did with Suchitra was spot on! We are a group made up of many roles and responsibilities. As we hurry to get things done we don’t always take the time to consider how our colleagues may process and approach things. Watching a room of over 300 people come together to learn about themselves and how their natural ways are incorporated into so much of what they do and how they do it was incredible.

As an orange leader, I feel I have a new set of tools that I can leverage and incorporate into the work I do with my team as well as others across the organization. You took all of us on a great & fun journey of self-discovery – thank you!”

Erika Van Noort, Senior Director, Strategic Customer Enablement | Softchoice

“Suchitra’s ability to translate business needs and goals into a functioning people development program is astounding – with her help we brought in a program called Personality Dimensions. She helped customize the delivery to focus on our priorities of team development and synergy. The program has been a huge success and now has been offered to a number of groups within the organization.

Since investing in this training the teams have become more aware and accepting of different personalities and value their place in a team environment. Suchitra also developed a leadership version of this program to help people managers’ leverage the tools to coach, develop and resolve conflicts. Personality Dimensions has become a common language and coaching tool and continues to live on in our day to day. Suchitra’s delivery and energy have yet to be matched by any development program I have participated in and feedback from her program participants is overwhelmingly positive.”

Jason Van Ravenswaay Manager Sales Operations | Softchoice


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